Who should I contact if I want to invest or become a partner with MARCHVEGAS?

Contact Ellis Jordan at

What does MARCHVEGAS mean?

MARCHVEGAS means “March to Vegas” which symbolizes the humanistic tendency to “march”, “migrate”, or “advance” as a deliberate or organized body in a habitual manner back to Las Vegas. Just as a flock of birds migrates for winter based on weather conditions, food supplies and breeding habits, likewise the human race inexplicably migrates to Sin City for the same necessities of life.

Why are your colors orange and gold?

Orange is for MARCH and basketball, Gold is for VEGAS and glitter.

When did MARCHVEGAS start?

MARCHVEGAS began April 2011 while watching the Masters, for more information see “The Birth of” or read more here.

How does the MARCHVEGAS 4-day Holiday work?

During the first weekend of March Madness just take off work or school, its your MARCHVEGAS 4-day Holiday. Then spend those 4-days as you would any other holiday and simply do what you like. One fantastic option is to visit Las Vegas for MARCHVEGAS because the first week of the tournament is a great time. However, use your imagination and spend the 4-day™ holiday as you see best, we trust your judgement.