MARCHVEGAS 4-Day Holiday™


About the 4-day Holiday

September 4th, 2012
The MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday movement was started on April 7th, 2011. The petition for this holiday is orchestrated by MARCHVEGAS.ORG to promote the initiative, gain support and accomplish its two primary goals.

MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday Goals:

    a. To add two annual vacation days for all Americans since we are well behind in allotted vacation time when compared to other nations; creating a 4-day™ holiday.

    b. To celebrate educators, teachers, academics, alumni, students and student athletes during a time when the country, workforce and student population is focused on collegiate athletics; i.e. during the first week of March Madness.

What better time to grant the country more vacation days and increased quality of life than during a time when productivity is at its lowest? What better time to celebrate higher education, students and student athletes than at a time when we are focused on college athletics? The MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday initiative believes that time is now.

Therefore, the first Thursday and Friday of the March Madness basketball tournament and through the weekend will mark the annual commencement of the MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday.

To get involved and make a difference; 1. Skip work or school the first weekend of March Madness; 2. Believe in a 4-day Holiday.™ and;  3. Spread the word and tell 4 friends.

Our Goal

MARCHVEGAS.ORG’s sole goal is to facilitate and promote the “Make MARCHVEGAS a 4-day™ Holiday” petition initiative. This includes making sure all US citizens are aware of the holiday, getting people to spread the word, and full participation in the MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday. If successful, our work can provide a solution to the shortage of vacation time in this country by claiming two additional vacation days and essentially creating a 4-day™ holiday for all.

In addition, with the MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday commencing the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness, the holiday initiative is aimed at celebrating higher education, educators, students and student athletes at a time when the country is captivated by collegiate sports.

If you believe in our petition efforts, crave a 4-day™ holiday or support higher education, students and student athletes, then join us in making MARCHVEGAS a 4-day™ Holiday reality.

Thank you for your support,
Ellis Jordan